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Manuscript Submission

All submitted technical article (full-paper) will be reviewed by the 5th ICDICI 2024 Technical Committee.

Early submission is encouraged to ensure that the committee members have ample time to review the submitted technical papers.

Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their full-paper online to the Conference Email: icdici.conf@gmail.com on or before the “Full Paper Submission Deadline” mentioned in the conference homepage.

2024 Call For Papers Now Open!
Conference Brochure Send your papers to icdici.conf@gmail.com
Manuscript Templates

To help ensure correct formatting, please use the style files, which can be downloaded from the link below as templates for your submission. These include LaTeX and Word templates.

Violations of any of the above paper specifications may result in rejection of your paper. Please note that the LaTeX template does not allow for keywords. If you are using the Latex template, do not include keywords in your paper.


Your full-paper should contain adequate information for review by the Technical Committee including

Abstract: Summarise the scope and nature of the work including few lines about the results (250 - 300 words)

Introduction: Brief overview the technology considered, why this research work was undertaken, technology used, etc.

Literature Review: A brief summarization on the existing research works and its limitations.

Technical Contributions: describe the significance of the proposed research objective by listing technical contributions.

Methodology: Dataset description, proposed workflow, block diagram, architecture, mathematical formulation, and theoretical description.

Results and Discussion: Discuss about the simulation or implementation of the proposed methods and discuss about the resultant performance analysis with a comparative study.

Conclusion and Future Scope: Summarise the results and major conclusions to be presented, explain how these differ from previous work on the same subject.

We also accept the research metadata analysis and review works.

Your full-paper will be evaluated by the Technical Committee members according to the following grading criteria:

Impact – The research impact of your work will be analysed.

Novelty – Your research paper should demonstrate innovation and originality and contain significant new knowledge and technical results.

Interest & Relevance – Evaluates how relevant is your full-paper submission to the scope of the conference? How interesting is the subject matter to the ICDICI audience?


There is a choice of 3 different technical categories, all of which have multiple subcategories. Please have a thorough read through all of them and check whether your research scope falls under any one of the topic listed in Call for Papers.

Please do not submit the same paper or a slightly modified version more than once as duplicates will be deleted.

Your full-paper should not use language that is informal in tone / AI-generated in the title or body text. The use of such terms will be considered as “Indirect Plagiarism” and will result in careful scrutiny by the Technical Committee and may result in rejection from the evaluation process.

After receiving the initial full-paper submission, we check the plagiarism using a software and afterwards it is being handled as follows:

If Plagiarism is <15 %: If we find Single Source <10% then only we will directly send paper for further review process.

If Plagiarism is 15-30 %: In this case, we will send back to the author for further revision.

If Plagiarism >30 %: We reject Article straight forward.

Plagiarism after Publication:

If we find Plagiarism after the publishing of a paper, then after verifying the copied content the paper may be retracted.

Author (s) should not submit the same paper to multiple conferences/journals for publications. This may also lead to post-publication plagiarism.