Publication Information

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Presentation Guidelines:

Presentations should adhere to the specified format, whether it's oral, poster, or virtual. Ensure that your presentation aligns with the guidelines provided on our conference website.

Time Limit:

Each presenter is allotted 20 minutes of time for their presentation. Please adhere to the assigned time limit to ensure a smooth flow of sessions.

Slides and Materials:

Submit your presentation slides and any additional materials to the conference email address one week before the conference.

Technical Requirements:

If you are presenting virtually, familiarize yourself with the virtual platform and test your audio and video connections beforehand to avoid technical issues during your presentation.

Q&A Session:

Be prepared for a Q&A session following your presentation. Engage with the audience and address any questions or feedback.

No-Show Policy

Papers that are not presented at the conference will not be considered for final publication in the conference proceedings.

We encourage all authors to make every effort to attend and present their work during the scheduled sessions.